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ECHCS Research WOC Application Packet Wizard
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To work within the VA research service as a WOC (Without Compensation Employee), contractor or IPA, you are required to fill out the WOC application packet.

By filling out the application you are ensuring that the information presented is truthful and accurate. All forms must be typed (not hand written). If the WOC forms are not properly filled out the entire WOC packet will be denied as VA HR will not accept it.
Once the packet has been filled out the packet must be brought physically to the ECHCS Denver VA research service at the below location.
As part of the WOC process you will be required to undergo a VA initiated background investigation.

Filling out the WOC application does not guarantee that you will be hired and if you are hired it does not make you a Federal employee it makes you a contracted employee of the federal goverment.

WOC Pre-questionnaire
* These questions will help to fill out the WOC application forms within this wizard *

  1. Who will be your PI (Principle Investigator)?
  2. Do you need a VA PIV (Personal Identification Verification) badge?
  3. Whatís your position description for your WOC appointment?
  4. What date are you going to start your WOC appoinment at the VA?
  5. What location/s are you going to be working at? (i.e. Fitzsimmons, Denver, Golden, Colorado Springs) please tell me the address?
  6. Are you going to be working for more than 180 calendar days (considered Full-time) on any VA location?
    This is important for your background investigation; there are two types, a very rigorous one called the SF-85 (this is for full-time employees that are rarely research people) and a small form (E-QIP form) that will look at your fingerprints.
  7. Which specific VA buildings,and or floors, will you need to be able to access (i.e. Building A, Building 19/21, Building 23, 9th Floor of Bldg 1)?
    If you donít know, ask the VA PI you will be working for.
  8. Are you going to need keys to certain labs, and if so, which ones? (If you donít know, ask your PI)
  9. Are you going to need CPRS which is either COR or RPTS?
    If you donít know this, ask your PI
    • COR = This is to be able to change information in patient records
    • RPTS = This is to be able to make notes within patient records
  10. Are you going to need VISTA access?
    If you donít know this, ask your PI

Do NOT staple any of the printed forms as they need to be scanned by your VA ADPAC
I am requesting a brand new WOC request (I am currently not a WOC at the VA)
I am renewing my existing WOC request to continue working at the VA as a WOC

I agree to the above